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Black Desert Online & More

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We grabbed some great Games to play for you this Week! – Steam is ahead of Epic and got 2 games which you can add to your Library and keep forever, but enough talking for now, let’s start downloading πŸ™‚


Our Favourite this Week – Black Desert Online

One of the main reasons to try out Black Desert is because of the visually stunning graphics and realistic environments, which is also one of the reasons it got so popular, and if you’re a fan of a high-fantasy open world with action-oriented combat, sandbox gameplay elements and an immersive story – Then you shouldn’t be waiting and give it a go!

The game has a highly detailed character creation system that allows players to customize their characters to a high degree of detail, making it easy to create tons of unique and personal characters. The Combat in Black Desert is very fast-paced and required quick reflexes such as strategic planning, making it very engaging and satisfying. – And if all of this haven’t convinced you yet, you might be interested in the deep crafting and trading system that allows players to make a living in the game by gathering resources, crafting items, and trading with other players.

We praise the game for its open world sandbox gameplay and ability to explore the world freely with engaging quests and different activities.
You can download the Game for free until the 9th of March and keep it forever!

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