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So far, our group for VTuber & VSingers consists of only a few people, and we are still recruiting!

We’re a group of talented individuals who are passionate about creating engaging and entertaining content while committing to create fun and memorable experiences for ourselves and our Community.

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May, 2023


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Aikawa Ichihime

Aikawa Ichihime

vsinger Aikawa IchihimeComing right through your Screen, that's right it's your Favourite Virtual Singer AI!Lore: Aikawa Ichihime or "AI-Hime" is an extraordinary creation of Vnet Entertainment, but her story is not just about technological advancement - it's a tale...

Aikawa Ichihime VSinger
We are Recruiting!

We are Recruiting!

vtuber/VSinger We are Recruiting!Hey there! Welcome to Vnet Entertainment - Where creativity and diversity are embraced! As a dynamic and innovative company, we specialize in creating games, music and social media content. We are seeking passionate aspiring or already...

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