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We are Recruiting!

Hey there!

Welcome to Vnet Entertainment – Where creativity and diversity are embraced!

As a dynamic and innovative company, we specialize in creating games, music and social media content. We are seeking passionate aspiring or already existing VTubers and VSingers to collaborate with us to create amazing content together!

We believe that diversity drives creativity and welcome individuals of all levels of experience and expertise. Our supportive and inclusive environment encourages you to express your creativity and work with like-minded individuals.

As part of our group, you will have the freedom to create content that you enjoy making, while receiving guidance and support from the Company. We encourage thinking outside the box and are open-minded for all kind of crazy ideas.

Please note that we do have guidelines in place to ensure that our content aligns with our values and those of our partners. We will clearly communicate these guidelines to you before you start, so you won’t encounter any unwanted surprises.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your VTuber or VSinger career, please review our requirements below and fill out the Application Form.
We can’t wait to hear from you and welcome you to our family!




– Requirements –

  • You have to be at least 16 years old at the time you are applying (Without exceptions).
  • You have to speak English, at least on a basic conversational level.
    It’s okay to not be a Native Speaker!
  • We do not mind your Gender :)!

Content Requirements for VTubers

      • You have to be able to deliver content at least once a week.

Content Requirements for VSingers

      • You have to be able to deliver content at least once a month.


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